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What's the story?

Sound Board Music started toward its current form in 1979.

The business was originally purchased for an I.O.U. of repayment to the former owners, and the hope that the store would be able to flourish under new leadership. In a true realization of the American Dream, the store was able to bounce back from possible financial ruin and became a popular and profitable spot for teachers, students, amateaurs, and professionals.

The store was originally in a much smaller location, containing only about 450 square-feet of floor space for merchandise. The current location boasts a 4,800 square-foot showroom floor which allows us to offer a little something for everyone, be they guitarists, bassists, pianists, wind players, string players, vocalists, or audiophiles looking to improve their home studio.

The move to the new (and current) location was facilitated by a desire to bring more potential retail spaces to Stow. Profits from Sound Board enabled the entire Fishcreek Plaza to be built, which allows for many different stores to have a home. The Plaza is a great place to come and support local small businesses!

In actuality, it is folks like you who made and continue to make it possible for Sound Board Music to remain as a Stow institution. Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you in the store some day soon!